Specialist Ski Insurance

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There are so many winter activities now possible, that to ensure you can find a policy to cover the right one, we have split out our specialist ski insurance area to make it simpler. Use the links below to go to the key pages.

With so many different ski insurance policies out there, specialist policies can be found to cover just about any variant of a ski holiday or ski business. From insuring over 65's through to ski instructors, chalet workers or ski season cover, you can find companies that will be willing to cover you.

Our Specialist Ski Policies

More difficult to find, these specialist policies will cover you


All Winter Sports Covered

As well as the more common ski cover policies, the following ones below give you even more cover in specific areas. This gives you the assurance that should the worst happen, you'll have sufficient cover.

Additional Ski Areas We Cover

The slightly less common types of policy we can provide