Over 65's Ski Travel Insurance

Over 65 and still enjoying the slopes? Consider our specialist over 65's ski insurance policy to make sure you are really well covered in the event anything should happen. Simple and quick to complete, start with the form below.

Specialist over 65's ski travel insurance is available to you and can save you money over more common place insurance policies. As you are dealing with specialist ski insurers, you will also benefit from high benefit cover as they are able to negotiate better rates for older citizens. You also get things like mountain rescue and air ambulance rescue included in your policy.

Over 65's ski insurance is a specialist area and we recommend you look careful at the inclusions and exclusions before you pay your premium. You are not restricted in what you do in many cases, but they understand what's needed from a policy that is used by senior citizens.


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Being over 65 shouldn’t preclude you from your favourite holiday- a ski or snowboard trip. But if you are over 65 you will need to be careful when selecting ski insurance. Here we show you the key things to look out for.

Is There a Maximum Ski Age With Insurers?

Most insurance companies do set a maximum age limit on their ski policies. They do vary though so it is good to shop around. We found some where the age limit was 75, others 79, one even went up to 85.

Why is it Important To Have Ski Cover Over the Age of 65?

To be honest it’s important to have ski cover for any age. The main reason is that a ski injury may involve you having to be helicoptered off the slopes and may require you to be flown home. Then you could require further treatments and therapies to get you back on your feet again. A standard travel insurance policy will not cover you for these costs. This can happen to a 25 year old skier as well as a 65 year old skier but with age can come more medical complications.

Another consideration is that most standard travel insurance policies will not cover you for the levels of personal liability you need skiing. If you are deemed responsible for someone else’s accident on the slopes then you could be sued for considerable amounts of money.

Finally, ski equipment does not come cheap. Have your skis or snowboard stolen and you could be out of pocket for thousands. Add into the mix expensive ski passes and ski lessons you can see why ski insurance is a good idea.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

You may be asked by an insurer if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. These are conditions you have before you took out insurance. Do let any insurer know of these conditions, failure to do so may invalidate your claim in the future.


We would advise anyone travelling to Europe to take an EHIC card with them but it won’t be enough to cover you for a ski holiday. EHIC is the European Health Insurance Card. It used to be called the E111 and is a reciprocal health agreement between European countries including Switzerland. This gives you access to state provided healthcare during a temporary stay in another European economic area. You can apply for EHIC through the EHIC online application form, this is free of charge, so do beware as unofficial websites will try and charge you.

You cannot however rely solely on this for a ski holiday. The reason for this is that EHIC will not cover many of the things you may need should you have an accident on the slopes. So for example mountain rescue is not covered, nor is being flown back to the UK. Lost or stolen property is also not included. So for anyone skiing, EHIC alone may not cover you.

Cover Required

Do check that you have the right amount of cover. Remember on a ski holiday you may at worse require mountain rescue, a hospital stay and then repatriation back to the UK. We would suggest that as such you get medical expenses up to £10 million. Also do check that you have a good level of personal liability. If you are deemed to have been responsible for someone else’s accident you may find yourself with hefty medical bills.


Also ensure that you have cover for lost skis or snowboards. But also look for those policies that will cover your costs to hire replacement equipment. This will ensure that you can get back on the slopes as quickly as possible.

Ski School Fees and Lift Passes

Lift passes can be one of the most expensive outlays on a ski holiday yet many people don’t check that they are covered in an insurance policy. Make sure that they are covered and that you are also covered if you are injured and can’t finish any ski lessons.

Check Excess Levels

Some policies look cheap because they have high excess payments. We have found some as high as £200 which means that if you lose your gloves for example, this level of excess can be a real inconvenience.