Ski Instructor Course Insurance

If you're aiming to be a seasonaire, then ensure you have cover for the course itself. Buying ski instructor course insurance is not always obvious - until you need it. Get the best prices before you leave the UK.

So you've made the decision to head to the slopes and teach skiing and/or snowboarding. You have found your BASI (or similar) course you want to do that is approved for your intended destination and now all you need to do is get qualified. But wait isn't something missing? Shouldn't you be look at insurance cover to protect yourself?

Ski instructor course insurance is now something just about every training company will ask for, because they need to be assured you're covered for any eventuality. More than that, you need to know that shoudl the worst happen, there's no ifs or buts in terms of your treatment and help - it's covered and from that aspect there are no doubts or longering concerns.

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Ski Instructor Ski Course Ski insurance

If you love skiing and boarding and have decided to make a career out of it you will probably be heading off soon for a ski instructor course. Before you do however do make sure you have the right type of insurance.

Ski Instructor Courses

Ski instructor courses are not cheap as they often include your flights, accommodation and all tuition. So do choose carefully. Qualifications do vary so first of all be clear whether the course you want covers the country you want to work in. The most common courses are the British Association of Snow Sports Instructors(BASI) and the Canadian Ski instructors Alliance(CSIA) and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors. The BASI qualifications are recognised worldwide and will provide you with the opportunity to work all over the world in both Europe and North America.

Ski Instructor Course Insurance

There are a number of things to look for when taking out insurance. One of the key questions to ask is what the training company’s cancellation policy is.

Refunds and Cancellation

A key question to ask any insurer is whether your course fees will be repaid should you get injured and be unable to complete the course or should you be unwell and unable to then even start the course. This is important as due to the nature of a ski instructor course you will be spending every hour available on the mountain skiing and boarding. Therefore the risk of injury or even suffering a sprain, which means you can’t complete the course, are higher than normal.

Will a Normal Ski Insurance Policy Be Ok?

A normal ski insurance policy will cover most of your medical costs and should cover accommodation and flights back to the UK should you get injured, but most will not cover pre-paid course fees, so do look for this specialised insurance policy.

Cover Levels-Course Fees

In terms of course fees we would advise that you look for cover up to £10,000 as that will cover all your course fees if you have to come away from the programme but will also ensure that you can then get your flights and accommodation paid for.

Cover Levels-Medical

Emergency medical cover is essential in any type of ski insurance but for instructors also consider non-emergency medical costs like physiotherapy. If you are on a course those little niggles if not seen to, can eventually mean that you have to come off the course. You will need to learn to really look after your body as it will need to keep performing to keep you working as a ski instructor.

Activities Covered

Do be clear about what you will be doing whilst on the course and in your free time. You may not need off piste cover for the course but you may want to go off piste in your leisure time. Unless your insurance covers off piste you will not be covered on a general ski insurance policy. Also be aware of the restrictions many insurance companies put on this. For many you must ski with a guide off piste and must follow all safety instructions in the resort.

Ski Equipment

As an experienced skier you will also have probably insured your equipment before. But if you are on a ski instructor course this will become even more important. If your skis or board are stolen you may not be able to complete the course which will cost you money and possibly the qualification you are looking for. So do check that you are able to get replacements immediately if needed.


Always read the small print in any insurance policy but excess levels are worth really looking at. Some cheaper policies look great but often involve very high excess levels being set. We have found some as high as £200 which means that if you lose your gloves for example the excess can work out very expensive.

Duration of Insurance

Do be clear how long you need the insurance to last for. You may take out insurance just for the duration of the course but then you may want to stay on and do some skiing. Some policies will offer you the chance to extend the insurance, some won’t, so don’t get caught out.


EHIC is the European Health Insurance Card, a reciprocal health care agreement between European countries including Switzerland. This gives you access to state provided healthcare during a temporary stay in another European economic area. So if you are planning to train in Europe you will need this. You can apply for EHIC through the EHIC online application form, this is free of charge, so do beware as unofficial websites will try and charge you.

You cannot however rely solely on this for your ski instructor training. The reason for this is that EHIC will not cover many of the things you may need should you have an accident on the slopes. So for example mountain rescue is not covered, nor is being flown back to the UK. Lost or stolen property is also not included. So for anyone training to be a ski instructor have an EHIC card to bolt on to your ski insurance.

Carte Neige (French) Snow Assist (Swiss)

If you are training in France or Switzerland it can also be a good idea to purchase these. They are available to buy in resort and cost around £40-£50. This will cover you for a whole season and this insurance will cover you for the cost of mountain search and rescue.