Worldwide Single Trip Ski Insurance Excl. North America

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Just getting a single week on the slopes this year? What do you need to know when looking for the right Worldwide Single Trip ski cover?

Do I Need To Insure Myself?      

Ok herein lies a bit of a problem. Lots of people still go on ski holidays without properly insuring themselves. Whether you go for a single week trip to Europe or decide on further afield like Canada or USA, you need to have insurance - period!

Basic travel insurance does not cover you for accidents on the white stuff! From breaks to airlifts, lost ski equipment to 3rd party liability, the cover you buy needs to properly insure you for any eventuality on the slopes - as whatever happens is usually expensive.

Do I Need "Worldwide" Travel Insurance?

Ok if you are going beyond the European border, then the insurance cover you're looking for is called Worldwide Insurance. The world is conveniently divided into zones for ski insurance - the Worldwide meaning everywhere outside of Europe.

However, there are two different Worldwide travel insurance policies - excluding North America (USA and Canada) and Including North America. Confused? It shoudl be fairly self-explanatory if you reread the section above.

This worldwide insurance cover will mean you are insured for personal injury, loss of belongings and cancellations, along with 3rd party liability (if you cause a pile up on the slopes for example!).

Worldwide Single Trip

As it sounds, covers you for the one trip you'll have for your winter sports holiday which is outside of Europe. From the US to Australia, New Zealand or Japan, you'll need worldwide cover.

Work through your plans and ensure your cover is long enough to cover off the start and end of the holiday. THen ensure you choose the right WorldWide option (include or exclude North America) and then it's down to the fine print and personal choice.

Which Destination?

As said before, check out the destination first and then once booked you can look for the relevant insurance cover. If you're unsure, for example Russia, then check with the insurance provider that the country you are skiing in is part of their worldwide cover.

Your Medical Cover Level

Double check that you get the right level of cover for your needs. If you travel with a lot of cash and valuables, add that as an extra to top up the rather low basic policy amounts.

Remember to ensure you have mountain rescue, hospital stay and then repatriation back to the UK all included and of course off-piste also if you plan on straying from the pistes. We you look for medical expenses of up to £10 million for Worldwide Insurance.

Also check you get a reasonable level of personal liability. If you are deemed to have been responsible for someone else’s accident you may find yourself with hefty medical bills.

No Show Snow

Your policy can also include a lack of snow in resort. This may cover buses or transport to other ski areas, or just a big refund at the end of the holiday.

Ski / Boarding Equipment

Most good cover will include ski and boarding equipment loss or damage. With quality equipment costing over £1000 per set, it really is worth it. Look for those policies that will cover your costs to hire replacement equipment. This will ensure that you can get back on the slopes as quickly as possible.

Ski School Fees And Lift Passes

Lift passes can be one of the most expensive outlays on a ski holiday yet many people don’t check that they are covered in an insurance policy. Make sure that they are covered and that you are also covered if you are injured and can’t finish any ski lessons. Children’s ski lessons can also be expensive so check you have cover for them.

Check Excess Levels

Some policies look cheap because they have high excess payments. We have found some as high as £200 which means that if your child loses their gloves, highly likely, this level of excess can be a real inconvenience.

Small Print Which Can invalidate a Policy

Do check the small print of any insurance policy. Many now say that you must wear a helmet and follow all safety advice. So don’t ski off piste with your child if you didn’t add off piste to your cover. Also check if you are covered for snow parks.