What's Covered on Your Ski Insurance Policy?

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Many people may wonder why you need to get special ski insurance cover. Doesn't a standard travel policy cover it? Won't the EHIC card cover me in Europe anyway? Check our quick giude to see more about the fine print!

Specialist ski travel insurance cover has been designed for customers going on skiing or boarding holidays. Whilst a standard travel insurance policy has been designed to protect customers going on holiday of all different sorts, ski insurance cover will need to be an additional part of this policy in order to allow for the unique risks of skiing or boarding.

None of the Exceptions

When you look at the "exceptions section" of a normal travel insurance policy, you will see a long list relating to winter sports.

The reason specialist ski insurance cover was created, was that insurance executives grew tired of going away with their 'company travel insurance policy' and were restricted as to where they could ski as a result of the exceptions.

Premium travel insurance may cover winter sports, but it is a pretty sure fire bet it won't cover you properly and certainly not for things like off-piste or cross country.


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What Does Ski Insurance Cover Me For?

Your ski insurance cover needs to look after you in all the ways you would expect a travel insurance policy to look after you and then some. It should pay your medical bills should you get injured or fall ill while you are away, pay for additional travel costs or overnight stays and recompense you for not being able to use your ski pass.

Because of the nature of winter sports, and the increased risk of hurting oneself, ski insurance cover has a higher medical payout limit than most travel insurance policies.

Key Features to Look Out For

Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Your ski insurance cover will also provide its customers with the same compensation for cancelled or severely delayed flights, losing you time on holiday that you would expect from a standard travel insurance policy.

No Snow?

That's right, many ski insurance policies will now cover you in case of no snow or 'piste closures'. So keep an eye out for the conditions and make sure you get this included if you are going to a non-snow sure resort.

Ski Equipment Protection

In addition to providing cover for yourself, your ski insurance cover should provide additional ski equipment insurance while you're away. With ski equipment often costing more than the 'single item limit' of a standard travel insurance policy, this is one important area to check on before you buy.

So look not only for replacement of stolen skis, look for cover for damage to your skis. This means even if someone else crashes into you damaging your skis or snowboard, you won't get charged by the rental company.

Lift Pass Cover

Your ski insurance cover can also provide 'lift pass insurance'. As the single most expensive part of the holiday outside the chalet or apartment, a lift pass can cost hundreds of pounds to buy new and many resorts will not replace lost or stolen lift passes, making customers pay full price for new ones.

With the right ski insurance cover you can claim back the cost of a replacement pass from your insurance policy. The ski insurance cover will also provide its customers with lost passport replacement cover as well.